“True Commitment”

What does commitment to something really mean and why does it matter?


As humans we’re social animals and have a deep need to be involved in the world. This desire for close relationships and social encounters has fuelled the whole social web. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn all rely on our desire to connect with other people but support our need to feel valued.


But commitment means little without some kind of affirmative action, a reward for the effort expended. The nature of our commitment is a reflection of the perceived significance of the compensation or recognition. Commitment means making a choice and giving yourself time to become engross yourself with whatever that choice is.


It means accepting the limitations of that choice as well as the potential benefits, and it means entering into an agreement with whatever we are committed to, be it a person, a career, creating a work of art, writing an essay.


When we make a commitment, we can’t expect to gain any greater satisfaction from the arrangement than the effort we put into it. Ultimately, it is only through significant commitment that we discover who we are and can grow. Commitment is not a matter of thinking thoughts or speaking words. It requires real time, real dedication and real action.


What are you committed to? Does what you do helping you to learn, grow or enrich your life?


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