The Key to Success is Simple: The Secret is…..

There is no question about it: Commitment is a key to success whether it’s in a marriage, a business, personal and professional growth, or sports.

What made Larry Bird one of the best players in basketball? He was considered slow, and many thought he could not jump. Sometimes it almost looked like he was playing in slow motion. Or what about Shane Williams who became Wales’ best international rugby winger? Everyone thought he was just too small to play professional rugby at 5′ 7″, except an old boss of mine. OK, he is Welsh and they had completed another Grand-Slam in the 6-nations. Shane, not my boss, always looked a little out of place next the rest of the 6 foot plus team. But why did these two succeed as players: they were totally dedicated to success. They practised more, played harder, and had more mental toughness than most of their competitors and team-mates. They both got more out of his talents than almost anyone did.

“Commitment and Success”

You see, the difference in physical attributes between athletes doesn’t tell you much. It’s the level of their commitment that separates the good players from the truly great. People who are committed to success are willing to do whatever it takes; as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else, no-one should be thinking I mean extending beyond personal commitment. Everything they do reflects their commitment; focus, work hard, learn, train more, repeat until perfected.

Ask yourself the following questions and think about your answers

How strong is your commitment?

  •            To your career?
  •            Your relationships?
  •            Your personal growth?

How much of your time and energy do you give these things? Do the results you get reflect your level of commitment?”

Are you being the best you can be?

Now here the final question: How do you feel about those answers?


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