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IT department troubleshooting

The Problem

Problems within businesses and IT departments manifest themselves in many varying ways. Sometimes it is challenging to find to the root cause of the problem as it is commonly shrouded behind a barrier of technological jargon and smoke screens. Yet in reality the fundamental problems that affect most IT personnel are the same as those that affect any other group in an organisation. With costs of IT being a significant proportion of an organisation's operating costs, it is important that its IT operation run smoothly and efficiently. Whilst addressing the needs of the organisation. In some cases an IT department can become self serving, focusing on its needs rather than the needs of the organisation as a whole. It can lose sight of its primary role i.e. to provide a quality IT service to the rest of the organisation.

Perhaps one of the most important documents that should exist between an organisation and its IT department is a Service Agreement

Root Causes

Generally the failure of an IT organisation to meet expectations can be attributed to some or all of the following:

  • An ineffective management structure
  • A lack of processes and procedures
  • A lack solid control policies
  • Substandard documentation and record keeping
  • A lack of experience or training
  • A lack of targets and clearly defined objectives
  • A lack of communication between the IT department and the business
  • An inflated sense of ability and importance
  • Inability to manage expectations
  • Unrealistic targets

Perhaps one of the most important documents that should exist between an organisation and its IT department is a Service Agreement, where it clearly lays out the organisation's expectations and levels of service to be provided by the IT department. This document is a starting point to measure performance against. Although this alone will cure the problems, establishing a Service Agreement is an important step towards fixing a failing department.

Independent & Authoritative Advice

stty consulting can help organisations troubleshoot problems and realign underperforming IT departments. It can cut through the technical jargon and give management a clear understanding of what is actually going on. We can identify problems areas and provide advice on the best ways to solve the problems. We can provide an independent assessment of an organisation's IT strategy, giving management an unbiased and coherent view of what is being proposed.

We pride ourselves of being able to take on a problem and achieve a satisfactory resolution. Our consultants have had years of experience of troubleshooting problems and getting the best out of IT organisations.