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Software Application Training Services

A lack of quality training hampers the effectiveness of software applications. An application may be well-designed, precisely installed and may effectively target a business/market need, but unless it is implemented with a quality training solution it will not deliver its full potential. stty Consulting rapidly creates Software Application Training by utilizing our vast experience and a variety of learning and multimedia tools.

stty Consulting's Software Application Training combines quality instructional design with interactivity, scenarios, and graphics.

  • 1. Instructional Design
    Content is and always has been king. That is why we begin by writing with the learner in mind. Through out the writing and editing process scripts are checked and rechecked to ensure absolute clarity.

  • 2. Interactivity
    Our solutions require the learner to perform mouse clicks, keyboard commands, and data entry in an effort to engage the learner and enhance the educational experience. In those situations in which non-interactive solutions are required, we can easily build non-interactive training schemes.

  • 3. Graphics
    In most circumstances the use of static images or screen shots will enhance the learning experience and may be a better option than video. We will insure that graphics-based training will provide a rewarding learning experience.

Call stty Consulting for Software Application Training Services when you need to expand your teams knowledge, or increase your team to meet your evolving business needs. Our professional Training Consultants will be happy to talk though your requirements.